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Do you wish to have beautiful tresses like Rapunzel or a smooth complexion like Snow White? Perhaps eggs could help you! Actually, eggs have lutein, which is immensely useful to make your skin elastic and hydrated. Egg protein has an important role to play for repairing of tissues and tightening the skin. Proteins contained in eggs, are also helpful in improving the appearance of hair and imparting strength as well as luster. Eggs provide you the adequate level of protein, which is required for growing nails and hair. Try to include eggs in your diet, since eggs are very delicious and use eggs topically to get beautiful skin and hair, naturally!
eggfinal Beauty Benefits Of Eggs  Tips And ApplicationsEggs for Skin- Easy Beauty Applications
egg2 Beauty Benefits Of Eggs  Tips And Applications
Egg For Toning The Skin- Whip an egg till it becomes frothy. Apply it all over your face as well as neck. Wait till it is dry and rinse in lukewarm water. This practice would help to tone and tighten your skin.
Egg-White For Firming Pores- Take an egg and the egg-white has to be separated from the yolk. Beat the egg white to produce a thick foam and now, apply it on cleaned face. Wait for about twenty minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. This mask helps to firm skin pores and also treat acnes.
Egg To Reduce Under-Eye Puffiness- If the skin under your eyes seem puffy and your eyes look tired, apply a thin coating of egg white on the area under your eyes and leave on for about ten minutes. Wash off with plain water. Eggs are known to fix puffy eyes effectively.

Egg Face Pack Ideas
Egg White-Oatmeal Pack (for oily skin) – Mix egg white and oatmeal together and apply this concoction on face and neck. This is one of the easiest skin care recipes with which you can pamper your skin if your skin type is oily.
Egg Yolk-Olive Oil Face Pack (for dry skin) – Combine egg yolk with lemon juice and olive oil. The mixture should be applied of face and neck. This pack is very good to relieve dry skin.
Egg-Honey-Rosewater Face Pack (to get smooth complexion) – Mix an egg with a spoon of honey and a few drops of olive oil and rosewater. Use the mixture as a face mask for about twenty minutes to get smooth complexion and flawless skin as it helps to do away with blemishes.
Egg-Yoghurt Face Pack (to get glowing complexion) – Mix egg yolk with yoghurt and a few drops of honey. Apply on your face and wait till the pack is dry. Rinse with trepid water. This pack is effective to give you a radiant skin, naturally.
Egg-Honey Face Pack (to remove tan and tone skin) – Mix egg white and honey together and apply it on your face. Wait for ten minutes and rinse with water. The pack helps to improve your complexion by doing away with tan.

egg3 Beauty Benefits Of Eggs  Tips And Applications
Eggs for Hair- Easy Beauty Applications and Ideas
Egg-Yoghurt Hair Conditioner- Mix egg and yoghurt. You can add a spoon of olive oil or almond oil if you have it at home. Apply on your hair and allow the pack to stay for forty-five minutes. Your hair is thoroughly conditioned and you get shiny and beautiful hair, instantly!
Egg-Lemon Pack (to add volume and shine) – Mix the juice of one lemon with an egg and apply it on your hair. Wait for half-an-hour and shampoo. This pack adds sheen, volume and softness to your locks.

egg4 Beauty Benefits Of Eggs  Tips And Applications
Egg White Pack (for oily hair) – Is your hair limp, dull and oily? Whip an egg white and apply it through your hair strands. Leave it for about thirty minutes and shampoo. Use lemon rinse.
Egg-Skimmed Milk Pack (for dry hair) – Mix an egg thoroughly with skimmed milk (one cup). Rub it on your scalp and hair gently. Shampoo after thirty minutes.

Beauty Treatments with Eggs- Warnings
• Do not use eggs for beauty treatments if you are allergic.
• An uncooked egg (which is used for skin care and hair care recipes) emits a bad smell when it starts drying.
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